For and Against

Emma Crombie

For and Against

Human equality has recently become one of the major issues within the UK. One being the most recent debate in 2014 when same-sex marriage became legalized throughout the UK. As generations progressed through the years, individuals have become more respectful to peoples’ sexual orientation; although some individuals are still only for heterosexual relationships, because of religious reasons or, again the generational reasons.

Using plaster made ‘For and Against’ fragile just like the political/social debate itself, which has changed peoples’ lives for the time being. Being fragile, if dropped from a height, in this argument if the government over ruled and didn't form the new law 2014 of same-sex marriage, it would have smashed homosexuals’ dreams of being with their partners and celebrating their love. Not only would this affect them and their partners. Families could also be torn apart whatever the outcome because of other individual beliefs.

For and Against was made to provoke individuals into discussion about the former law and the new.