What Is

What Is

Elaine O'Donnell

My entry is a poem that compares the different aspects of life and the key divisions between the rich and the poor. It deals with love, happiness, poverty and wealth, and knowledge. The poem expresses optimism and a compassionate outlook and finishes on an uplifting note to leave the reader with a sense of the good already achieved with tackling the issues of poverty and decreasing the gap between rich and poor.

I find writing to be the best way to really express my opinions and values. I find that poetry, when spoken, often takes on a whole new meaning, and can have new life breathed into it. I also drew on my love of performing to really try and convey the right sense of integrity and the true meaning behind my words. Optimism is integral to my character; I can be very optimistic and often find that it really helps to have a positive outlook on life. There is an extreme satisfaction in achieving a goal, or seeing an improvement, and the rewarding feeling should be something to strive for. Empathy is key to understanding others, and by understanding you can try to help or support, and in turn make a positive difference. Equally, compassion can make a huge difference to a relationship. It is incredible to think of the difference that could be made if everyone tried to encapsulate and emulate the value and quality of compassion.


Writing, VideoJohn Byrne Award