Dreaming of White Horses

Dreaming of White Horses

Dan Brown

Dreaming of White Horses is a composition/recording project completed towards the tail end of 2017. It draws influence from a wide range of sources; from the work of J.S Bach (seen in the Piano part for J.S.B), the strong melodies of Scottish traditional music, and the rugged landscapes of the Western Isle of Scotland and the fjords of Norway. 

The album is underpinned by collaboration, pooling musicians from both the Jazz and Trad scenes of Glasgow, it fuses classic Scottish tune forms (jigs and reels) and instrumentation, with odd-meters, improvisation as well as a rich harmonic palette. 

Last Summer I had the opportunity to travel around western Norway, as well as the Scottish isle of Eigg. Both landscapes had a massive impact on the compositional process. As a result of the joining of fjords, the Sognefjord region is host to a highly varied weather system. When heavy rain left me housebound I watched the rolling clouds and composed the tune Balestranded. The Singing Sands are found on Eigg's northern shore, overlooking the rugged Rum Cuillins. This view in particular was the inspiration for the tune of the same name.