Do Aliens Exist?

Do Aliens Exist?

Chi Vo

“Alien” to me is something intelligent and nonhuman. Artificial intelligence demonstrated these qualities superior to humans. Children of this new era are living with these aliens we created. 

Because of opportunities offered by technology, we have become disconnected to real life and over reliant on technology. We compare ourselves through social media, leading to depression and lack of privacy. We neglect physical communication because devices have broken the distance to reach other people. We have become lazy because a singular device now controls everything. 

However, technology is not perfect. Robot drivers are more accurate and durable than humans yet, traffic accidents still happen. 

More importantly, robots cannot feel like humans. We pour ourselves into every screen and robot that we own. We fool ourselves thinking that these ‘aliens’ can think and feel like us, but they cannot. Those feelings that we receive from these ‘aliens’ are ours. The screen reflects, we only fully see ourselves once the screen is off. By communicating and integrating more into the digital world, we delude ourselves with online perfection. 
We are the generation of smartphones and dumb people’ - Gary Turk. 
The invasion of human-made aliens, I think, now is clear and undeniable.