Dead Air

Dead Air

Sofie Redfern

Dead Air' utilises digitally enhanced instruments to make the listener aware of the sound travelling in a circular motion as it pans from left to right. The sound, a digitally distorted bassoon, was edited to create a resonance similar to a gravelly texture to accompany a large scale recording of the moon, configuring it so that it sounds as though the listener is travelling along the moon's surface. 

The arrangement of the melody is reminiscent of the sound of a phone being hung up, playing in a repetitive sequence. As the sound plays out it appears as though the main subject, the moon, is being pulled into the scene, providing a powerful introduction to what we know as the symbol of the night. 

The film looks at the way we spend our time during the night as humanity hanging up on their experience in the daytime, preparing for another phone call with the following sunrise.