Cambodian Woman

Cambodian Woman

Danielle Stewart

The piece I have submitted is called ‘Cambodian Woman’ and was painted using oils when I was 16. It was the first piece I did of this scale and style. I am fascinated by faces; particularly elderly faces where their lives and experiences can be seen written in the lines and wrinkles of their skin. Being very young myself, I have always loved hearing stories from people with much more life experience than I have. In my work, I aim to do justice to people’s stories. Through the medium of paint, I work using layers to build depth and detail mirroring the events of a lifetime which define who they are.

I want to expand my knowledge and enjoy learning a lot both technically and personally through my paintings. I am inspired by the different cultures reflected in the people I paint and hope to explore and learn about these cultures in the future. I enjoy having the opportunity to practice communicating in foreign languages with people I meet abroad. Painting has opened many doors and taught me self-discipline. The detail in my paintings requires complete concentration however I find it very therapeutic and calming.

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