Cut It Out

Cut It Out

Grace Cunningham

My project ‘Cut It Out’ is a live workshop & social media campaign with a serious message - to cut fur out of fashion. 

With fur still appearing on catwalks & celebrities, it later appears in magazines and is finally copied in high street fashion. Consumerism makes it easy for us to detach ourselves from the tonnes of slaughtered animals and the inhumane way in which they are treated. Fur is also a massive pollutant and is causing damage to our environment. 

To tap into consumers' responsibility to care for nature & the environment, I created a workshop event with a twist, where a high-end fashion designer leads a fur workshop for fashion students. Targeting fashion students aims to tap into their conscience and prevent them from further using fur in their designs & having the workshop streamed live allows the campaign to reach a wider audience. Tying the event to NY Fashion Week also targets the ‘elite,’ as the aim is to have public momentum behind the workshop then reveal the campaign. 

Having a campaign twist like this aims to target both the general public and celebrities with social status who will want to be smart about their future decisions in supporting fur products.