Conor McConville

I am a biographical and personal artist I focus on my own states of mind and psychological processes. For me painting is an experience and is about reflecting my own emotions and thoughts on to the canvas and letting the viewer find their own connection with it. I want to tell my own personal story to tell a more universal tale.

This piece is a reflection on my relationship with my closest friend, but the ambiguity and metaphors allows it to resonate on a wider plane. The piece is making a comment on the intensity of love between two people while also embodying sombre and Christ-like significance.

I took inspiration from Albrecht Dürer’s Christ-like self-portrait to create the delicate feeling of the piece. The use of flowers gave the piece a sensation of grace but upon looking closer the flowers are used as a metaphor for a problem that someone is facing. The other figure supports them regardless of this issue and holding them says: “It’s ok”. I don’t just want the piece to say its “Ok” to itself I want the piece to say its “Ok” to everyone.