Chloe Ross

This piece is a representation of the biggest change in my life.

I had taken this photo when I had moved from my home of Glasgow to the city of Dubai at the age of sixteen. My world changing into something exiting, yet terrifying. Moving away from everything I had known to a land where the culture and way of living is more diverse than you would believe it to be.

It may be a very small image of such a large and exiting place, but I had taken this photo and turned it into a reminder for myself to enjoy the journey of life and where it takes you. Even the smallest detail could be something great and become a memory you keep dear to you for the rest of your life, being a walk to somewhere new with loved ones or a journey across the sea.

This photo was taken to say embrace where life takes you, even if you fear where it might end. This photo inspires me and I hope that it may do the same for others.