The Mercurial Mind

The Mercurial Mind

Chloe Flemming

Here I feel I'm not just reflecting on one person but on society as a whole.

This painting is influenced mostly by societal pressures forced on the young people of today. In this self-portrait, the colours are seemingly monochrome at first, with only black and white colour being used on most of my face and body. However, there is a striking contrast on half of my face with the large blocks of vivid colour creeping over my cheek and eyes.

This sudden colour represents my true self. I feel as if people should always be honest with themselves and the people around them; to not try to conform to societal norms. The colour represents, in a sense, your true colours being revealed and encourages the viewer not to hide who they really are.

This side of the face is not manipulated in any way. However, on the monotone side, I am seen pulling at my eye. This represents people tearing themselves up to look 'good'. Evidently, manipulating my features is not a good look and relates to people hurting themselves for their society, and how you do not need to do this to feel confident and comfortable with your being.