Child of God

Child of God

Josh Fuchs

My entry contains original music that expresses my desire to free myself from the constraints of my upbringing and circumstances. Raised in a devout, believing Christian family as someone who is an atheist, I have struggled to come to terms with my own beliefs and a personal sense of compassion and humanity. 

These songs express my journey towards understanding my own moral compass, as well as my difficulties managing my depression and anxiety. The songs are a collection from various time periods in my life, a cross section of my experience thus far, that illustrates some of my outlook on modern life, and how I search for a sense of belonging and inner release through my music. 

They take influence from an eclectic range of sources, with the lyrics drawing on literary references, cowboy films, current affairs, personal love quests and haphazard metaphors. All in all they are a statement of my own personal values, my desire to understand myself and dig deeper, and my great love of writing lyrics and music.