In My Imagination

In My Imagination

Charlotte Ella Larkin

Time to yourself is very important, I like to spend mine with my camera and apparently in nice dresses.

There is something so exciting about letting your legs carry you down a hill. As the adrenaline kicks in and you have no care in the world, your mind is free. 

In my earlier years of my life I enjoyed running down the banks in my garden and let my imagination run wild, I would count down from 10 and pretend to run into space or imagine I was a horse running freely in the wind. 

 As I grew older I stopped these games but that doesn't mean that they weren't there in my imagination. 

My garden is where you'll always find me, whether I'm sitting at the top of the hill, head buried in a book or sprawled out trying to get some of those sun beams that Argyll seems to lack.