Charlotte Bishop

My chosen values are unity with nature, protecting the environment and harmony. The painting was inspired by Mielikki, the Finnish Goddess of the forest. She represents humanity’s connection with nature and the need to preserve and protect its resources and beauty.

The painting is of a beautiful, recently deceased woman, who is slowly decomposing in harmony with nature to feed the plants growing from her body. The vine coming from the woman’s mouth symbolises how she has grown throughout her life by feeding on plants similar to the ones using her for food now that she has died. The painting also emphasises both humans’ and plants’ dependence on each other for even the air they need to continue existing as plants consume carbon dioxide, which is created by humans, and produce the very oxygen humans need to live. The cycle requires harmony between plants and humans because if the cycle collapses neither will survive.

This painting illustrates that even in decay beauty is conserved and recycled to feed new growth, that there must be a balance between plants and humanity as one cannot survive without the other. Therefore, they must both exist in harmony.