Causeway - Avocet

Causeway, Avocet Single

Sam Grassie

This entry is the debut single from folk/blues trio "Avocet". Our trio's name is taken from a 1979 Bert Jansch Album, an artist that I draw inspiration from in a variety of ways. It is evident that songwriting in the folk revival of the 1960's and 70's had matured into a great combination of poetry portraying the texture of life at the time and conveying unashamed emotion. Folk songs today, when deviating from traditional songs, seem to often miss the chance for interesting lyrics that acoustic music affords us, almost receding back into the corner that it left in the revival. This single combines our love of finger-style guitar and voice along with lyrics that are carefully crafted and honest. 
The song talks of the transition from adolescence to adult hood, the process were the consequences of past decisions begin to unfold perhaps with no possibility of return. Although the metaphor of a Causeway is relied upon to explain the intention of the song it is specifically chosen as it is a physical representation of the songs meaning.