Why is sex education so important?

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Immaculate Correction

Catherine Exposito

This is a short play about my values about education and equality. The story is based on some of my real-life experiences of Catholic education (specifically sexual education) in Scotland from my time at school between 2005- 2011.  I believe that all schools should make all aspects of education accessible to all. In 2017, too many young people are not being taught about sexual health and relationships, with often the only readily accessible information being porn. This creates lad culture, unrealistic body image expectation as well as sexual expectations. I value education in combating issues with teen pregnancy, STI’s and sexual consent.

It is important to me that future generations are taught about sex and relationships fully; regardless of religion, sex, race or sexuality. Schools and education authorities have a responsibility to tell the truth to everyone, information should not be cherry picked according to what type of institution a person is part of. I want future generations to speak freely about all types of sex (heterosexual/ homosexual etc) without feeling that this is a taboo subject. The more conversation we have the safer future generations will be.