Can fashion help raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease?

Can fashion help raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease?

Nadia Pinkney

The ‘RMK’ collection is inspired by Alzheimer disease. My Grandmother and Great Grandmother both suffered from the disease and due to my lack of understanding towards Alzheimer’s I decided to research into the disease to influence my graduate collection. The aim of the collection was to raise awareness of the disease on a different platform, to create discussion around the disease and to create something positive from a truly heartbreaking experience. 

After interviewing researcher Dr. Russ at AlzScot, a digital print was developed for the collection influenced by the brain scans of Alzheimer sufferers. The disease slowly destroys the pathways in the brain meaning the neurons become knotted and tangled. This is reflected in the design aesthetic. The collection also features hand knitted garments, a traditional skill that I learned from both my Grandmother’s. 

The colour red was chosen as a reflection of my Great Grandmother’s personality. Red also indicates areas of brain activity in PET scans. The red areas represent fragments of the brain where the disease has not yet destroyed. For this purpose red has been used as a prominent theme within the collection. 

The RMK collection has now raised over £1,000 for Alzheimer Scotland.