Car Crash

Car Crash

Calum Jones

This piece follows on from my previous submission “Meet You In The Sky

About 18 months after our accident my Gran picked me up from band practice. She said “Your dads been in a Car Crash, he’s fine, you’re mums with him now and they should be home soon, but the biker who ran into him is in critical condition and needs airlifted to hospital. I couldn’t believe it, I was so upset, so angry, so frustrated, all the memories of our previous crash came flooding back. I went home, picked up my guitar and put all my emotions into this song. It was complete by the time Mum and dad got home.

It’s the only one of my songs that hasn’t really evolved because it is so much about my feelings at that exact moment. It shows how very different my feelings were this time round.

Again this song incorporates values from the Security and Kindness sections dealing with family security, meaning in life and forgiveness but it also has links strongly to the Humanity segment as it describes me struggling with inner piece, trying to understand the injustice of it all.


John Byrne Award