Either Way

Either Way

Callum Booth-Lewis

Enjoyment is an immensely broad term covering an almost infinite variety of experiences. Either Way is a non-linear drama, in which I explore Alice's decision between two very different, types of enjoyment. Elements of expressionism are used in the editing, cinematography and music to exaggerate the contrast between the different emotions.

In the first timeline, she contributes to exciting scientific research, culminating in the discovery of a new species. This explores ambition, curiosity and excitement as values which contribute to the experience of enjoyment.

 In contrast to this, the second timeline shows Alice taking time to enjoy a peaceful sunset with her girlfriend, Emily. The excitement and intensity are replaced with calmness and serenity to create an equally enjoyable experience.

 The overarching story is about mature love and true friendship. Emily recognises the difficulty of Alice’s decision and will respect whatever she chooses, regardless of her own wishes. However, I felt it important to portray their relationship realistically – Emily still expresses frustration when Alice decides the lab is more important.

 The conclusion consolidates the overall message of my piece – that all forms of enjoyment are equally valid and important, however different they may be.