Study In G112

Study In G112

Caledonia Joynson

Should you enter room G112 on a Wednesday morning, you will, most likely, find yourself bombarded by an odd mixture of Santana, Burns, Debussy, Green Day, Brahms and ‘Grease’. Six musicians, each playing a different song.

My work displays how individualism and independence are possible while being part of a team. Each member of the class occupies their own space and colour that contrasts with the adjacent area and highlights our characters both as people and as musicians.

The G112 music class is the space we all occupy. It’s our common ground.

You can look closely at the individuals, read about each as independent musicians and celebrate our differences. Or, you can look at this as one piece, one team, one unit and find a dance-mat collection of bright, contrasting colours and bright, contrasting people.

Do whichever, either way works for me.