Caitlin Milne

The value I have chosen to represent my piece is "capable" which is a value I have struggled with for a large portion of my life or rather, feeling incapable. After struggling with PTSD, anxiety and depression from a very young age I always doubted my mental capabilities to ever get better and constantly fighting with my anxiety to believe that I was able to achieve my dreams and pursue a career in art. I have been passionate about art since I learned how to hold a pencil and it was a beloved hobby of mine, but it turned into therapy for me. A way to help me express feelings, thoughts and memories that I wasn't comfortable talking about. My process usually starts with an emotion. Whenever I feel something that I think I could express creatively I immediately grab my camera and take a photo of the expression on my face in the hope of capturing the feeling I'm trying to evoke. After a few preliminary sketches I move onto the canvas with acrylic paint.

This piece of mine represents the realisation I had that no matter what setbacks I go through I always endure it and afterwards, feel even more capable to achieve anything I put my mind to.

The background of this piece is monochromatic, the colours are very dull and the subject of the pieces' eyes are somewhat subdued to represent a mental break that has made me feel like I'm taking a step backwards in my progress. But her lips have the slightest hint of a grin and her head is not held low. Her head is held high to show the sense of pride I feel knowing that I'm capable of overcoming this and that I will come out the other end a stronger person.

Acrylic paint, 18" x 24" canvas