Born to Die

Born to Die

Hannah Williams

This piece aims to express the lack of freedom and choice given to farm animals who are bred to be killed for the meat and dairy industries. The main values highlighted being veganism, equality and animal rights. 

I wanted to challenge the viewer's opinion and spark a discussion about where equality starts and ends, why some animals are less worthy of life than others. 

Written in the cage within the thread is the question "What is humane about slaughter??" This is there to trigger a train of thought in the viewers mind about why such a cruel act is excused, and if such a thing could ever really be humane. 

Being vegan and very passionate about animal rights, I wanted to make this piece shocking and challenging, and to give an honest expression and depiction of the hurt and inequality inflicted on these living beings. 

The red flowers, and flowing red wool is symbolic of blood, creating contrast as such things are normally very pretty and comforting. The overall piece has many small details such as this that altogether create an artwork that is there to speak for the voiceless.