Axe Marnie

For a long time I've felt the city of Edinburgh, more than any building I've lived in, is my home. Being broke, having nowhere to live, feeling dislocated from normal people, in these times I've relied on my old city to keep me inspired. Being an artist can sometimes help you through as you let yourself live in images, as part of a grand tradition of hardship. These kinds of things helped me through a life of living one day at a time. It taught me in the most concrete way that these ideas will not save you. An emotional change of perspective cannot change where you are.

This comic is a description of one character and the relationship that develops with your own chirruping positivity as it becomes almost nonsensical in the context of the life you're living.

Now, as I am gradually assembling my life, it matters to me to use my art to share these experiences in the conflicting, messy, human way that, for me, is honest.