Away From My Window

Away From My Window

Iona Fyfe

Away From My Window is a concept album inspired by source and revivalist singers of Aberdeenshire, many of whom didn't receive recognition during their lifetime, due to the fact they lived as persecuted travellers. The 10-song programme draws on deep ethnographic research into the ballads of Scotland and the community who sang them - for example, bothy ballads and the itinerant farm workers who sung them. 

As a folksinger, I feel the album teeters on the edge of innovation, whilst remaining sympathetic to the rich Tradition I was brought up in. Each song pays homage to a tradition bearer or writer. Whilst the album features ballads and sampling of archive material of Stanley Robertson and Lizzie Higgins, it also features the work of the late Michael Marra, and Aidan Moffat. For the first time, I have written a song - a protest song about the Middle Eastern conflict. I feel that this concept process has allowed me to develop my voice as a singer and writer. 

The album was created over two years, with delays due to full time touring, studying at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and sitting a FLCM at London College of Music.