To Be Her

To Be Her

Aurélie Fontan

‘To Be Her’ originates from various observations about our contemporary society. Crossing some major issues that entail body issues, consumerism, the power of media and the omnipresence of images, this project is offering the viewer a critical statement about our own image consumption.

Starting with the fact that our daily life is visually overflown with advertisement, on various media (film, television, social media, the press, etc...), we experience continuous solicitation and it is hard to resist the peer-pressure.

More specifically, the fashion magazines tend to reflect a distorted and idealized version of the female body. Then, every glance at a fashion picture becomes part of a strict and unnecessary self-examination.

I wanted, by using actual fashion magazine pages glued onto a window-shop model, to demonstrate the direct impact that the visuals promoted in the media have on societies' established ideals and individuals.

From body shaming trends, to extreme modification of the body, to mental problems like anorexia and depression: this sculpture is reflecting our own collective and personal anxieties related to pictures and media.