Aoife Fisher

Symbiosis is defined as ‘interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both’.

My photo shows an example of symbiosis in tourism. The tourist is enjoying the natural beauty of the Prismatic Springs at Yellowstone National Park without interfering with the biosphere of the Springs themselves. Similarly, the Springs offer a spectacular sight for the onlooker but do not cause them any harm as long as the tourist maintains a safe distance from the volcanic crust.

The value of ‘humanity’ is depicted here through the ‘unity with nature’ between the Springs and tourist, as well as the ‘wisdom’ of the tourist to respect ‘natural beauty’.

It is becoming increasingly important to achieve a sustainable balance with nature, especially in a modern world where it seems that issues such as global warming are being actively denied. By addressing these issues carefully, perhaps one day humanity will exist in ‘a world at peace’.