This was painted from a photo I took in my school's music department. The zoomed in collection of instruments from all sides represents my willingness to be submerged into the world of music as fully as I can. It also can be seen as a 'get-together' of instrument types, reflecting the belief of many that music brings people together and unites. I admire the skill, devotion and creativity that musicians have for their instruments and this admiration encourages me to become more ambitious in my own life. In my painting, I try to apply thick, flowing brush strokes of acrylic paint to mimic the fantastic movement of music as opposed to the precise stillness of a photorealistic painting that would otherwise set the instruments into one point in time. Music is the art that I personally think makes me happy the most as there are can be so many different aspects of it that when I listen to, just think 'wow...whoever composed this is a genius and should be proud of their work'. To me, music is powerful, and I really value the idea behind this painting because of it.