Annie Sprinkled Seeds

Annie Sprinkled Seeds

Izzy Thomson

I paint to understand the value of the wilderness: to reawaken our slow and essential ‘mountain time’. 

In an age where the digital enforces a hurried existence and the idea of nature has become a tamed commodity, my work expresses the values of Humanity, Kindness and Self-direction. In ‘Annie Sprinkled Seeds’, there is a particular emphasis on unity with nature, curiosity for it and creativity within it. I hoped to show the importance of being in and from the natural world. 

Through my practice, I visually narrate my own experiences of the landscapes I have visited and the people who inhabit them, to create a world that is bathed in imagination but is no less real. I bring stories from the outside, inside, using the space in painting as an invitation to our wilder world. 

My work is a gentle reminder of earth: her mud, her water and her creatures- all of the things we seem to have forgotten in a city made from placing pebbles.