Anthi Kyriacou

I consider awkwardness to be a valuable notion. It is constantly catalysing my reality which makes me consume the world and the world consumes me. This comes to a point which it provokes my creative production. 

‘An IKEAN’: 

IKEA is a colossus pseudo-DIY company which uses an intelligent consumer’s tactic. It is a tactic that promotes a universal lifestyle which circulates and increases IKEA’s profits since 1943. 

Entering an IKEA store, one is faced with numerous simulations of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and even entire apartment arrangements. These arrangements in IKEA are the same in every store worldwide. Simultaneously, hundreds of them are replicated, by order, in households globally. 

‘AN IKEAN’ is a film which IKEA is imagined as an absolution of the capitalist-neoliberal society and becomes a nation, constituted in the name of a globalised lifestyle. 

Anthi’s persona has lately gained IKEA’s nationality. The film traces her voyage; her actions and consciousness as a newcomer at IKEA. The values of homeland, symbiosis and finding one’s self are renegotiated through this dystopian vision of society. The film suggests that awkwardness is inclusive and intersectional, it exists beyond borders and taxonomies.