Topophilia, An Archeology

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Amy-Leigh Bird

Topophilia, An Archaeology

Yi Fu Tuan's explorations of Topophilia have provided me with a framework for experiencing and appreciating the aesthetics of nature:

‘Nature yields delectable sensations to the child, with his openness of mind, carelessness of person, and lack of concern for the accepted canons of beauty. An adult must learn to be yielding and careless like a child if he were to enjoy nature polymorphously. He needs to slip into old clothes so that he can feel free...’

This has prompted me to explore the concept of Topophilia - the love of place – providing me with a theoretical basis for my practical work. Through prolonged periods of time spent by the Kelvin River, I have discovered what it is to become attached to a place, to appreciate the various, and especially overlooked aspects of the beauty of that place and to experience the therapeutic benefits of having done so.

I have discovered over the course of this project that my creativity is led from a deep-rooted desire to collect. This has driven me to research the various uses and forms of curiosity cabinets. I am interested in both the exhibiting of collections and exploring the reasons why people enjoy the art of collecting in both an artistic and a hobbyist sense.