Space to Breath

Space to Breathe

Alisa Matyunina

This place, the river Volga by my grandparents’ house, has immense significance for me. It has been a constancy throughout my childhood, regardless of other events in my life tossing me around, this has been a place where I have returned to and felt at peace.

In today’s world, which sometimes seems overcome with technology, I find myself wishing to be away from the immense speed and hectic lifestyle of the city. The presence of a book symbolises an escape. In this painting, the space I wanted to create would show that feeling of slowing down and almost sinking into and accepting the slower more peaceful nature, and being at peace.

The sky is always my favourite part in a painting. I love high horizons as I feel that a lot of sky gives space and opens up my lungs to breath. My teachers have often criticised my depiction of the sky as too expressive: too many clouds in bizarre forms or brightly coloured streaks of pink or purple. Yet, in this scene especially, I wanted to capture the euphoric sensation of peace and exhilaration at seeing nature laid out so wide and open, which I believe comes from such a dramatic and vibrant sky.

Oils, 40 x 40 canvas.