Rumana Sayed

This piece highlights that the majority of MSPs at the Scottish Parliament are men. In the 2016 Scottish parliamentary elections, 45 females MSPs were elected, compared to 84 males, making women constitute 34.8% of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. 34.8% has strong moral and values-based implications including power, equality and political and social justice. 

Women have not been properly represented in politics for years. Unlike their male counterparts, female political candidates are faced with social and cultural barriers to running for elected office which include sex stereotyping, political socialisation, lack of preparation for political activity and balancing work and family. In the media, women are often asked how they would balance the responsibilities of elected office with those of their families, something men are never asked. 

Until we see change in politics and in work places for women, I don't see any equality. We have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. I am optimistic that one day we will see a balanced parliament.