3.453g of copper

3.453g of copper

Katie McGroarty

This piece explores the values of social awareness, curiosity, truth and realisation. Living in Edinburgh, class and wealth are issues that have been highlighted to me via the variety of people who stem from all different walks of life.

The piece shows coppers slowly dropping from clear ice (melting as the heat of our bodies get closer to it), perched upon a 3/4 open ladder. It looks like a straight-forward and translucent (or "strong and stable") construct but if the ladder were to be climbed it would immediately shut and fall to the floor.

The punchline is that the copper in the pennies is worth more than the pennies themselves, given that each holds 3.453g of copper worth around 12 pence.

I believe this epitomises the financial system we are ruled by. Our human brains employ cognitive dissonance in knowing that we are being lied to - even by the coins in our pockets - but choosing to stick with the devils we know.