Eking Out EP

Eking Out EP

Commie Cars

"Doc, what is wrong with me? Is it my CV?"

Eking Out is an EP I recorded and produced in my living room while looking for a job. We all know the cycle of application and rejection that begins to grind one down to dust, and I wanted to record something that explores these feelings - the questioning of one's self-worth, and the numbing lethargy that follows - with a sense of fun, making light of the absurd self-pity it is so easy to slip into with over-the-top statements like: 

"I have lost a sense of self-esteem / I am self-less / No self to pity" 

The protagonist wallows in their own pathos, thinking themself the kind of impoverished bohemian one comes across in George Orwell's Down And Out in Paris and London, or in the case of the final track Stone Cold Steve Austin, an itinerant gold prospector, or a professional wrestler doomed always to lose. In reality they are simply between jobs. Life goes on.

While I can't offer any easy answers, my hope is that in these exaggerated scenarios a listener in a similar situation can find a kind of solace, or at least a laugh at their own (and my) expense.