Sustainable Style

Sustainable Style

Ellie Thomson

I was shocked to discover that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Working towards achieving a more sustainably-driven design process is crucial in protecting the Earth's resources for future generations. 

I aim to challenge preconceived ideas of sustainable design within the fast-paced fashion industry and work towards achieving a more circular economy. I designed a range of sustainable fabrics, using up-cycled denim, sustainable yarn as well as plastic bags. Considering transportation within the lifecycle of garments and our disposable attitude towards plastic bags. I aim to question our throwaway relationship with clothes and design a capsule collection of timeless pieces, made to last. Durability, versatility and wear ability were central to my design process and I want to prove how simple yet effective methods can be harnessed to change the way we think and act. 

These designs and their textiles strive to extend the lifecycle of garments and work towards achieving a more sustainable industry.