Dale Lafferty

Things can't stay perfect forever, but having our ideals challenged brings new opportunities to improve ourselves.

Having a taste of true freedom is a bittersweet thing, it is something I aim to regain everyday, but life moves on and provides obstacles. I feel that it is easy to be defeated when things don't go my way, but in that defeat is the knowledge that I will never get back what I lost. I find this realisation is more difficult than the fight to get that freedom back.

This pursuit of happiness seems like an endless task, but I am now finding that having a goal to aim for gives me purpose, and I am becoming stronger in dealing with obstacles. From this new strength, I believe I can build a freedom that has been earned, one that will last as I have laid a secure foundation for it.

I have a new appreciation for what it means, and a new respect for myself in aiming for what makes me happy, as well as a sense of pride in my achievements. Taking chances is risky, but in my case, absolutely necessary. 

I wrote this song because I wanted to convey the difficulties of working for something important. I value freedom and I have found that it does not come easy. I aimed to romanticise a struggle, the value of achievement and the resulting freedom.