Judging Criteria

The John Byrne Award is an online exhibition and competition exploring personal and societal values. Our aim is to encourage reflection on and commitment to values through the exchange of ideas presented in creative work.

Your entry will be judged equally on the creative work submitted and your entry statement.

Make each word in your statement count. The clearer and more confident your explanation, the more powerful your work will be.


The John Byrne Award Judging Criteria


The John Byrne Award judges are looking for work that is reasoned, constructive and compelling. Entrants should use the following criteria and questions to guide the construction of their entry:


Reasoned? (x/10)

  • Is my work informed by research or experience?
  • Do I understand what value/s underpin my work?
  • Has my work helped me to develop my ideas?

Constructive? (x/10)

  • Have I explained why my ideas matter?
  • Does my work examine or challenge prevailing values?
  • Does my work promote understanding or discussion?

Compelling? (x/10)

  • Is my work well-crafted?
  • Does my work communicate on multiple levels?
  • Is my work likely to move people?




Quarterly Award – £500

The John Byrne Award staff use the judging criteria to review all entries and create the shortlist, announced after each quarterly competition which close in April, July and October. The John Byrne Award Judging Panel then use the judging criteria to review the shortlist and select the winning entries. The winner is announced in the middle of May, August and November and awarded £500 in prize money.




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