About Us

The John Byrne Award is a free, online competition, exhibition, and community, welcoming people who seek a deeper understanding of the values that drive our beliefs and actions.


Our mission is to create Scotland’s most inclusive, creative arts platform and encourage the questioning and development of values appropriate to our age.


The John Byrne Award champions creativity and curiosity.

We accept any creative work, 365 days a year, from everyone over 16 year olds living or studying in Scotland. All our creative entries question values. We award annual and quarterly prizes (£7500 and £500) to the most reasoned, constructive, and compelling entries. The John Byrne Award website exhibits all entries.

Rapid changes to our society and technology pose pressing ethical and moral questions. We hope that the creative entries on our platform start conversations that change attitudes and behaviours for the better.

The John Byrne Award is a project of The Iris Initiative, Scottish charity number: SC043568.