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The John Byrne Award is a free, online exhibition, competition, and community, welcoming people who seek a deeper understanding of the values that drive our beliefs and actions


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Our Mission: To create Scotland’s most inclusive, creative arts platform to encourage the questioning and development of values appropriate to our modern age.

We accept creative work in any medium, 365 days a year, from everybody over 16 living or studying in Scotland.

We award £7,500 annually and £500 quarterly.


We are delighted to announce Grant Holden’s ‘Who Would Clean a Car Park?’ as the winner of this quarter’s John Byrne Award!



By Grant Holden

“During my final year at art college, I lived near a multi-storey car park in the centre of Edinburgh. One day, I heard a brush being swept there. At the time, I was developing ideas for my graduation film about a cleaner and his (talking) brush. Never had I thought a car park would have to be swept. When doing research for the film, I came across a quote in a report by the Equality & Human Rights Commission on the cleaning sector. A worker said that cleaners were frequently “the first to be blamed and the last to be thanked”. That really stuck with me: what would it mean to carry out a job that society relies upon yet never fully appreciates? …”



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