Scotland’s online creative competition.

The John Byrne Awards is an online competition and exhibition inspired by the Scottish Playwright and Artist John Byrne who was one of the founding trustees of the charity. The John Byrne Award’s core purpose is to encourage thought and debate about the beliefs and ideas that drive our actions as communities and individuals.

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What Can We Rely on?

Michelle Hynes

When Will Our Journey Be over?

Colin Gordon

How Can We Look Out for One Another in Today’s Society?

Arlene Montoya

Who Would I Be If This Hadn’t Happened to Me?

Abigail Osborne

Which Services Did We Miss Most During Lockdowns?

Margaret Johnston

How Do We Replace What Is Lost?

Callum Osment

What’s Our Difference with the Stacked Cows in the Factories?

Nikolaos Lampropoulos

Is the Damage That We Have Inflicted on Our Planet Irreversible?

David Gilliver

What Keeps Us Creating?

Scott Cumming