Scotland’s online creative competition.

The John Byrne Awards is an online competition and exhibition inspired by the Scottish Playwright and Artist John Byrne who was one of the founding trustees of the charity. The John Byrne Award’s core purpose is to encourage thought and debate about the beliefs and ideas that drive our actions as communities and individuals.

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Give or Take? Give and Take?

Carrie Flinte

Is Current Art the WWW Movement?

Marie henderson

What Does Grief Feel Like?

Matthew Keeley

St Kilda – Smallpox, or Was It?

Mark Bridgeman

Is Losing the Beauty of the Natural World Worth Buttons?

Patricia Valentine

When Will They Listen?

Mark Gillies

Does Your Genitalia Define You in the Music Industry?

Siannen McIlroy

Must Worthwhile Creative Work Have an Agenda, or Can It Just Be Pure Escapism?

Wendy Lap

Why Do You Still Have Faith in Humanity?

Sean Halligan