How To Enter.

The John Byrne Award is a competition open to 16-25 year olds in Scotland that supports the creative expression of values.

  • Entries can be any piece of creative work that means something to you: art, music, video, essays, photography - your imagination is your limit. You can even submit school work.
  • Pick a value or set of values from the values circumplex above to inspire/ describe your entry. The values you choose are completely up to you. Write 200 words or record a 2-minute video or sound file describing which values your entry expresses and why. The most successful entries will have descriptions that focus on the values behind them rather than the techniques used to create them.
  • To submit your entry, send us a message on Facebook or send an email to with all of the details in the 'Share Your Work' form at the bottom of this page.                                                                                                
  • Each month, the best entry wins £100. All entries from the year are submitted to the annual John Byrne Award competition where the best entry wins £1000 and three runners-up win £500. All entries are eligible for all prizes and all entries will be considered for posting on the John Byrne Award social media pages.

Want to find out how our winner's are chosen? Click here for our judging criteria.

We value your ideas. Get them out there.

Competition Details.

  • As an entrant, you should be between 16- 25 years old and be living in Scotland.
  • Entries can be your school work or work produced in your own time, you can also submit as a group
  • You can submit up to one entry each month.
  • Heads Up: We want to exhibit all of the best John Byrne Award entries on our social media- if you don’t want your entry to be posted online, or would prefer it to be posted anonymously, please let us know in your submission email.                       
  • The more details you provide the easier it is to judge your entry. For example, If you submit a painting, we reccomend including materials used and canvas size. This does not count as part of your 200 word description.                                           
  • The values circumplex is based on academic work by Shalom Schwartz and produced by the Common Cause Foundation. We would like to thank Common Cause and Dr Schwartz for letting us reproduce their work. To find out more about the values circumplex, visit Common Cause’s

How To Share Your Work:

  • You can share your work by sending us an e-mail to, by sending us a message on facebook, or completing the Share Your Work form below. If the files you wish to send are over 25mb, please use