Zuzanna Salamon

The joy of selfless bestowal to others.

In the modern world we are running after money and career all the time.  We rarely do something for the love of it. We are looking only for benefits and more and more often we believe that everything can be bought. It was spring and I was on my way back home when I saw an old woman joyfully scattering crumbs from her window. Few pigeons were sitting on her window sill grateful for free meal. It was such a simple and moving scene.  Building was old and damaged, plaster started to get off the wall. Granny was wearing simple housecoat. It moved me greatly.  This Granny didn’t have a lot, but she shared even a piece of bread that she had and she took pleasure in it. That scene reminded me what a joy it is to give something without focusing on getting profit out of it. I can’t recall how granny looked like I remembered the impression she left on me. At the painting I portrayed my teacher from high school.  She was like a grandmother for us all, always finding hidden sweet in her bag for us, sending smile at school corridor. The title of the painting is “Demeter”. Demeter from Greek mythology, the mother-goddess nurturing and taking care of people. This old Granny is like Demeter, who feels pleasure in taking care of others.


VisualJohn Byrne Award