The Mirror Palace

The Mirror Palace

Rubyn A. Vogel

“Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.” 
- Albert Einstein 

The story’s general themes of detachment and loyalty are explored by the movement of an anonymous main character reflecting on events that happened in his past. Challenges and contradicting values include the subjects' authority and tradition, sense of belonging and (social) power, achievement and respect. Will the man of stand find the courage to break with the conservative morals that restrict him? And how will an escape from the here-and-now be received by society? 

Throughout my entire life, (creative) writing has helped me to express my amazement and clear my mind on complex life- and world problems. As to this particular piece, the problem creeping through as a red thread is the lack of ability to cope with both internal and external expectations. In my eyes, positive vibrations as loyalty, love and success can have their negative counterpart by enlarging the pressure on the ‘expectations button’ one imposes on oneself. The creative writing piece submitted, tries to capture this subject from a distance, yet, is written from the heart.