Sara Julia Campbell, Aphrodite, illustration.jpg


Sara Julia Campbell

Most of my work is a celebration of the value of "Enjoyment". I enjoy Greek mythology, storytelling, aesthetics and bright colours full of life, which this piece embodies. I wanted to make an illustration that was bold, striking, colourful and detailed. I wanted it to look like a fun, vibrant piece and to be lively and full of movement. I try to achieve that playful quality in most of my artwork. Subject-wise, I decided to depict a character from ancient Greek mythology that best embodied these indulgent values: goddess Aphrodite, a symbol of beauty, love, lust and eternal youth. She represents pleasure and self-indulgence. I always found her an interesting character, a character in stark contrast to several other female figures in mythology who are very submissive, or giving and nurturing. Aphrodite is a pleasure-seeker; she cheated on her husband, Hephaestus, with Ares and Adonis (among many others) and would join in with events she deemed fun or interesting. On the flip side, Aphrodite could be too vain and jealous and had a bad temper. I hope never to be as vain as her, but I do try to enjoy life to the fullest. :)


VisualJohn Byrne Award