Rowan May

In this piece I have tried to represent some of the things I find most valuable to my life. This includes 2 things; organisation and individuality.

I try to be an organised person, yet, at some points I can tend to spiral into a chaos that flusters my mind and messes with my system. When I am able to take time out of each day to create pieces like this one, it helps to re organise my mind. Recently, especially due the fact that I have begun increasing the size of paper I draw these pieces on (for example this piece being A3), I spend even more time on it, and add even greater detail.

I drew this piece using fine liner pens. This is something I have seen created not by many people, mostly through social media and also my Advanced Higher art teacher. These factors helped encourage me to create pieces of my own. And due to the fact that I have not seen many people create these drawings, it gave a sense of individuality, which everyone in life tends to want for themselves: something that makes you feel special in your own way.

John Byrne Award