Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

Nolan Love

For this piece I chose to explore the issue of colour blindness, a condition that affects many people, with up to 8% of men being affected to some degree, including my father, sister and a close friend. I was interested in the way that colour blindness can affect how different people see colour. After much help and research from family, friends, and online, I found out that traffic lights and roadworks can be most stressful for people who are driving with this ailment, with the most common issue being a difficulty to see green and red, especially in poor light conditions. Instead of seeing red, amber and green, people with this condition see three different yellow colours, which are difficult to differentiate. 

I wanted to create a piece of work that encapsulates this struggle with perception of colour. In my work the large overbearing dark structure looks down on the viewer with the white overcast background representing weather conditions in which people are said to struggle the most. I chose to paint the traffic lights from behind as this puts the viewer in the physical position where they too cannot see the colour of the lights, creating a sense of similar frustration.


VisualJohn Byrne Award