Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

Marina Gladkikh

A value that I believe describes my entry is firstly, both daring and freeing. It's daring because it's different. To me, that is incredibly important as I think that in modern day society it is difficult to have any individualism.  People constantly hide behind false smiles, makeup and artificial social media profiles which portray their lives as flawless fairy tales. The Mad Hatter represents bold, bright colours, vitality and eccentric rarity; something that is becoming quite the rare sight in our slowly greying world. This also makes it represent freedom as it defies the "shackles of society stereotypes". By being everything that we are petrified to admit we lack in our mundane lives - idiosyncrasy.

Secondly, a value, that in my opinion the piece features, is honesty. The Hatter is honest to who he is, and does not attempt to conceal that with a meretricious mask which has become the "cookie-cutter" norm for everyone else in our society. This challenges the viewer to withstand the constant pressure of society to conform to the "right" (at times, unrealistically quixotic) image and way of thought and therefore encourages to be more unique and diverse.


VisualJohn Byrne Award