The Effect of Serenity

Kirsty Lawson, The Effect of Serenity, painting.jpeg

The Effect of Serenity

Kirsty Lawson

My painting explores the theme of peace, tranquillity and enjoyment of life. Literature has always been very important to me so I felt it was necessary to make this the focal point of the painting. It also hints at a biblical side to the painting along with the flowing river on the left hand side. I’ve used watercolour paints and pencils as they gave me a high level of accuracy and created texture by layering different shades and tones of paint to make the subject appear realistic and true to life. Colour played a big part in my painting with the cool blues in the background and the clothing as well as warm browns and reds in the skin and wooden planks which shows that the calming colours had a warming effect on the subject, reflecting the idea that a tranquil surrounding can warm a person up inside. Line recurred throughout the painting in the wooden planks and t-shirt and this helped to harmonise the painting as a whole. The unusual composition draws you into the personal space of the subject, giving you a better idea of how they are feeling in that moment: calm and at peace.


VisualJohn Byrne Award