Utter Confusion

Utter Confusion

Julia Speirs

I feel that my self-portrait encapsulates the value of ‘Daring’- Daring to express not so pretty, imperfect, impolite emotions that everyone has experienced, but hidden out of sight or covered up with a mask, which I have often done myself.

This self-portrait came about when I was frustrated, angry and stressed at a time of confusion when I could not decide what theme / idea I could choose to explore and base my advanced higher art portfolio on, which I could explore deeply enough in the given time period and that was interesting enough. I eventually decided that I wanted to show the different ways in which the ‘confused’ emotion could be expressed, whether it be through anger, frustration, pondering or fear; the initial, imperfect, not-often-seen emotions that stimulate my creativity. I feel my self-portrait not only represents how we should not be afraid to express our inner emotions and to not assume that everyone’s life is always happy, (even though it may seem that way outwardly), but also how we should push ourselves out our comfort zones and dare to portray such extreme emotions in a head on, confronting way that would normally not be seen.


VisualJohn Byrne Award