Joys of Life

Joys of Life

Yusra Qureshi

In this still life study, The Enjoyment of Life is depicted through the ways we experience life and Nature through our five senses such as; the gentle sounds of a violin; the delicate sight and scent of flowers; the sweet and fragrant tastes of fruit and the soft touch of a bird’s feathers. It shows the different ways in which we can appreciate the beautiful similarities we share with the vibrant energy and diversity of Nature. This painting also holds personal values, as my growing love for my pet bird, depicted in the painting, helps me to understand and develop my relationship with Nature and how we can be inspired by it every day.

The Unity of Nature is explored through the representation of water in the flowing blue fabric which runs from the bird resting atop the violin to the flowers and fruit below and resembles the connection and importance of water to Nature and humans as it animates all living things. In this painting, I strived to portray the idea that through persistent discovery we can uncover the joys of life and by spending time involved in Nature it can help strengthen our understanding and relationship with ourselves.

Watercolour and Gouache on 30”x 40”


VisualJohn Byrne Award