Light Leak

Light Leak

Isabelle Matthewman

This art piece is a representation of a personal victory of self liberation and love. I would hope to have illustrated a scene of inner enlightenment through the use of bright watercolour paints. I choose the title of the piece, 'Light Leak' to convey the message that our flaws are what makes a person unique and beautiful. (The definition of a light leak would be an imperfection created within the snapshot of a camera by a stream of light). Of which I strongly believe, much like our own imperfections, is what shows true personality and uncensored beauty.  I chose the female body because I felt that it is the perfect subject to illustrate a personal triumph of self liberation due to the strong pressures to conform to 'the mould', shared by our youth and set by modern society.

Thank you for seeing my entry! 


VisualJohn Byrne Award